Pet Corner: Curley

Come meet this handsome guy at our Springfield Adoption & Education Center

Name: Curley
Breed: Standard poodle mix
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Male
Color: Black


Curley is a real clown.  This friendly dog is full of personality and is very sweet.  He lost his home recently when his people had to move and couldn’t take him.  If you have children or you already have a dog at home, please bring them in to meet Curley before you adopt him, so everyone can see how they will get along.  We’re not sure if Curley ever lived with a kitty before, so if you have one and want to adopt him, please contact the adoption center staff at Dakin at 413.781.4000 and they can get an answer for you.  Curley would be an ideal first dog for someone, as he’s easy-going, and he won’t need much help getting settled into his new home.  Come meet this handsome guy at our Springfield Adoption & Education Center.

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