Gun industry increased nearly 25,000 more jobs

Gun sales remain strong so far in 2016

(CNN/WWLP) – A surge in gun sales created tens of thousands of jobs last year.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry added nearly 25,000 jobs nationwide in 2015. That’s 10% more than 2014 for gun manufacturing and retail jobs, ammunition and related supplies, like hunting gear.

Gun sales are being driven by a desire for self-defense and concerns over stricter gun control laws. Dallas Webb of Enfield told 22News, “I feel like there should be a higher cost on guns, and more regulations on people to get their gun licenses and how to use them for self-defense reasons.”

Gun sales remain strong so far this year, with FBI background checks on track to break a new annual record, according to the Shooting Sports Foundation.

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