Exploring the future of Space travel

Humans are reaching for the next level, colonizing another planet.

(CNN) – You’ve seen the headlines. Space tourism could soon become a reality, and some remarkable volunteers have signed up to go live on marks permanently.

Why are we so fascinated by space? Our future points to the stars, just like our past.

When our universe was born in the big bang, it created stars that forged and scattered almost all chemical elements now found on earth, including some of the elements that make up the human body.

We have actual stardust pumping through our veins, so it makes sense that we’re a species naturally driven to explore.

First we ventured across the planet, turning frontiers into homelands. We reached for the heavens. Over 500 people have been brave enough to travel in to the abyss of space, but to the other 7 billion of us, a trip off earth seems so out of reach, it’s almost unfathomable, not even worth entertaining the idea.

However, maybe we should. You’ve heard the tales of past. The initial space race that drove our nation to space. You’ve read the current headlines of the Uber wealthy shelling out millions to become space tourists.

What you haven’t heard is tales of the future. Humans are reaching for the next level, colonizing another planet; but before we set up residence, there are many questions that need to be sorted out here on earth: Where will we live? How will we get there? What will we eat? And can our bodies and brains handle it?

This is a journey of historic proportions and some of the greatest minds on the planet are working right now on these very questions to make this inter-planetary age our new reality.

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