2013 bombing survivors cross Marathon finish line

A finish Monday sends a resounding message

BOSTON, Mass. (CNN) – Monday was Boston Marathon day.

For survivors of the 2013 marathon bombings, it was a day to overcome many obstacles to compete once again.

Marc Fucarile was the first survivor to come down Boylston Street, crossing the finish line with his hand cycle. “I’m a little sore, a little tired. I’m dealing with a shoulder injury from the bombing.”

Marc’s one of a number of survivors who, three years after the bombings, have overcome extraordinary obstacles. “It was amazing – the support. I did this for people that ran for me, for my son, so he could know it could be done.”

For Patrick Downes, crossing the finish line was a milestone in a long journey as he recovers after losing a leg in the bombings. He went directly to his wife, who is also a survivor. “We know that we have a lot of spirit on our side in this city, because we responded with love and peace and goodness and goodwill. That will always win.”

For many of the survivors, a finish Monday sends a resounding message three years after one of the city’s darkest days.

Downes said, “Terrorism is really a perverted thing. It’s a delusion of grandeur that, somehow, they think that they are doing the ultimate justice in this world. And that’s not how this works. Love and peace is the ultimate justice.”

More than 27,000 runners competed in this year’s marathon.

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