Dancing Trumps nixed at school talent show

BOSTON (WCVB) – It was supposed to be funny, but a school talent show turned into a civics lesson for 5 little boys.

“I thought were in trouble at the time because we did something offensive,” said Andrew Vanderveen, one of the participants.

11-year-olds put on two different skits, one of which was a Marco Rubio-Donald Trump dance-off.

“It did not have any derogatory comments. It was funny, so I thought it was ok,” said Linda Messore, a mother of one of the children.

The other skit, three Trump bobble-heads simply dancing. But each act was given the ax before the show went on Wednesday night.

“We just got a phone that there had been a parent reaction that was negative and they felt offended by the content,” said Laurie Mattaliano.

“I really didn’t see the problem with it, but I was annoyed mostly,” said Laurie’s son, Christian Mattaliano.

The complaint was never explained. But these families say whoever complained ruined their kid’s fun.

“That somebody would put their political feeling or political correctness in front of allowing children to have fun, really bothers me,” said Messore.

“Someone took this way out of context and too seriously. I think they could have voiced their concerns privately and not impacted the show,” said Deb Vanderveen, Andrew’s mother.

In the end, they learned one lesson, “Some people don’t have a sense of humor.”

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