Weight, Pets, Drinking & Sleep

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  What you bring into the bedroom might be hurting your chances of a good night’s sleep.  Dr. Siegfried Haug is the author of ‘I Want to Sleep’ gave us tips to sleep no matter what.

Alcohol and Sleep:

  • Alcohol in healthy people helps with faster and deeper initial sleep.
  • Alcohol is a diuretic (so you wake up to pee.)
  • Alcohol inhibits REM sleep and makes the brain deal with the drug effects rather than with personal issues that dreams are supposed to address.
  • Hangovers can be tiring

Weight and Sleep:

  • Weight inhibits moving and turning (necessary to restore circulation in compressed parts of the body.)
  • Inhibits breathing (leading to severe snoring and dangerous apnea. Very disconcerting for sleep partner.)

Pets and Sleep:

  • Pets provide considerable comfort (esp. for single people.) This usually overrides all other sleep considerations.
  • You only sleep as well as the worst sleeper.
  • Cats are nocturnal, so there goes your sleep.
  • Pet’s territorial possessiveness plays havoc with couples.
  • Pets and children have no business in your bedroom but are much more manipulative and insistent (for their selfish reasons) than their “owners”.
  • Spouses, especially Women often give preference to pets and babies over their husband’s sleep needs.

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