The weather is getting warmer and the insects are starting to arrive

You may see what looks to be flying ants around your window sill and these are likely termites

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The cooler temperatures we had last week have been keeping some of the insects we usually see this time of year away. Over the last couple of days you may have seen more insects around.

Spring weather is here with lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. But this kind of weather also brings out the bugs. Bob Russell the entomologist at American Pest Solutions says look for an increase in the number of mosquitoes.

Bob Russell said, “This weekend with warmer temperatures in the day significantly, it’s going to warm up the water where these guys are developing or breeding when we get these ponds and these standing water sites above 50 degrees you’re going to see that complete development and the adults will be released and we’ll start to see a lot more mosquitoes flying around.”

When temperatures stay above 45 degrees at night and make it into the 70s during the day that’s when we see more insects.

Also you may see what looks to be flying ants around your window sill. These are likely termites and you should think about calling in a professional. You should also be on the lookout for ticks.

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