Last minute tax return reminders

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– Just days away from the end of tax season means you only have a short time left to file your 2015 tax returns.

You have until April 19th here in Massachusetts to file those returns. If you don’t file electronically you’ll need to postmark your returns on that date.

The U.S. Postal Service is urging you to pay attention to local pick up times on their collection boxes. If you put your returns in the box after that time listed you could end up getting your returns postmarked for the following day.

If you won’t be able to file in time, you will need to file an extension. Be aware, if you think you’ll owe money this year, you will need to pay the amount by the April 19th deadline.

Tax experts say you have to estimate that amount, but that it’s better to over pay than to not pay enough to avoid penalties on the full amount.

“Pay what you can with the extension, if you still owe a little more with the extension it will cut down the penalty if you didn’t cover your tax.” Andrew Pignatare, of Pignatare & Sagan, in West Springfield told 22News.

Sagan also said even though you may be filing your returns last minute over the next few days, be sure you check for any mistakes. It’s better to file once, correctly than to have to go back and file an amendment later.

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