Chicopee requiring live fire training for license to carry applicants

Police chief has right to set "reasonable stipulations" for obtaining gun permits

Chicopee Gun Policy

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Lock, load, and fire- those are all actions most Massachusetts are not required to demonstrate before obtaining a license to carry a firearm. The Chicopee Police Department, however, is changing that in their city.

Effective June 1, to be eligible for an LTC, you must have live-fire experience from a certified instructor.

Currently, Chicopee residents are able to get their license to carry without having to live fire.  However, the police chief, as the licensing authority for the city, has the right to impose “reasonable stipulations” for a license to carry.

“There’s no set course, there’s no set test, there’s no set pattern. It’s just to prove to us when we issue a license that you’ve handled a firearm and shot a firearm,” Chicopee Police Officer Mike Wilk said.

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Steve Duga, a licensed instructor, walked 22News through some of the live firing instruction that he goes through with his clients; something that he recommends all his students go through.

“What it offers to do is provide that student’s hand on training with a firearm. It gives them a larger level of instruction. It gives them opportunity to actually see what it’s like to shoot a live firearm,” Duga said.

With the new requirement, instructors will need to provide you with this certificate upon completion. Residents who attended classes for certification before June 1 will be grandfathered-in for the live fire requirement.

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