Controversy surrounding HBO’s “Confirmation”

(CNN) – To hear some tell it, HBO’s doc-drama ‘confirmation’ is almost in itself as controversial as the actual Clarence Thomas hearings upon which the film is based.

At its core, this debate, like that one, is about what is the truth.  Anita Hill’s 1991 testimony against her former boss, whom she alleged sexually harassed her, was a national moment then.

It’s hitting a nerve today as Washington braces for yet another politically charged court appointment in amidst a presidential campaign.

HBO and director Rick Famuyiwa faced pushback almost immediately from some of the republican players, “Contentious nominations sort of help us examine who we are. I felt like so many of the issues we were dealing with in terms of gender and class and our politics we’re still dealing with today.”

Sen. John Danforth said, “No political agenda however laudatory justifies the destruction of a human being.”

Longtime Thomas supporter Senator John Danforth, Senator Alan Simpson and others were furious after reading an early draft of HBO’s script, saying it was an unfair, and unflattering portrayal.  HBO says the film has changed quite a bit since then but that doesn’t mean the critics were completely quelled.

“The people who were involved can look back on it with 20/20 hindsight and maybe go, we didn’t look so great, but I think we as filmmakers and I as a filmmaker was interested in just the truth of that moment,” said Famuyiwa.

Danforth recently told CNN “Very little in this film reflects the devastating events as I lived them. Students of history: Beware of “docu-dramas.”

Former senator Simpson says producers have made “sweeping changes” since his initial feedback but he remains wary.

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