What standards of care are doctors and hospitals held to?

Improper procedures have put western Mass. patients at risk for disease

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Baystate Health has notified 575 kidney dialysis patients that they may have been exposed to pathogens.

This was announced after the Department of Public Health discovered problems with procedures. Baystate Medical Center said the risk was low, and no one’s gotten sick as a result.

Baystate Health is also dealing with two dozen lawsuits because improperly-cleaned colonoscopy equipment put patients at risk at Noble Hospital, before it was acquired by Baystate Health.

When dealing with a case of negligence, lawyers have to look at how much control a hospital has over a situation. Many doctors and medical staff can be independent contractors.

“What would have been the procedures that another doctor would have taken?” 22News sat down with Attorney James Winston to talk about the standards of care doctors and hospitals are held to. He said, “From the hospital’s standpoint, they’re certainly responsible for making sure that their employees are trained, are educated in the proper procedures that they are checking to make sure those procedures are followed.”

A person claiming malpractice has to prove they were injured in a certain time frame. Winston said, “Statute of limitations three years from where the plaintiff knew or reasonably should have known about the alleged negligent care.”

Standards of care for a person can differ based on their age and diagnosis. Click Here for information about medical standards of care.

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