Video shows aftermath of former NFL player Will Smith killed

(CNN) – Dramatic new video surfacing moments after former New Orleans Saints star Will Smith was shot and killed.

The suspect’s attorney says his client acted in self-defense. As you hear from a witness who claims Smith said he had a gun and acted aggressively. Police say they did find a fully loaded handgun in Smith’s car.

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Newly released video captured moments after the shooting death of former Saint’s defensive end Will Smith, revealing the shock of eyewitnesses and the sounds of anguish from his wife.

You can hear Racquel Smith pleading for help, “I need an ambulance! My leg has been shot!”

In the video, you also see the suspect, Cardell Hayes and the passenger in his car being handcuffed by police. An eyewitness describes the deadly altercation after Hayes rear-ended Smith approaching a New Orleans intersection.

The witness says the former NFL star claimed he also had a gun, “He starts freaking out on this guy, like I’m gonna fight you, and then he’s like, I guess this guy was like…Get out…I have a gun… And he goes F— you all, I’ve got one too. And he grabs his gun and then shoots him in the back. He’s dead.”

Hayes’ defense attorney points to this tape, as reason to believe there may have been a second gun on the scene but police say they’ve only recovered one weapon and that’s Hayes’ handgun.

“I can tell you that my client was not the aggressor in terms of the behavior that Happened after the accident,” said John Fuller, Defense Attorney for Cardell Hayes.

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