Judge rejects Camille Cosby’s attorneys’ attempt to stop deposition

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

WORCESTER, Mass. (WWLP) – Camille Cosby’s deposition will continue next week, despite her attorneys’ attempts to stop it. They argued she was asked irrelevant, and bizarre questions during the first deposition in Springfield.

Daniel Small, Camille Cosby’s attorney, brought up several questions at a motion hearing at Worcester District Court on Tuesday that he said, shouldn’t be allowed if the deposition continues. “A number of the questions were out of bounds, I cited a number of them in court and I think I’ll leave it to that. We are extremely gratified the judge has imposed limits on this nonsense, and we’re looking forward to going forward with the deposition,” he said.

22News was in the courtroom on Tuesday, when the judge rejected Camille Cosby’s request to stop the deposition, but he also agreed the plaintiff’s attorney crossed a line when questioning her under oath.

Camille Cosby’s attorney argued the questions his client was asked in February were inappropriate, ranging from questions about her son’s death, to whether her husband has ever tried having sex with her when she was asleep.

Joseph Cammarata admitted, he could have worded some of his questions differently. “I did say to the court that asking that question was unartful, but there are other questions related to intimacy that would be fair game,” he said.

Cammarata will get another chance to question Cosby for 5 hours and 45 minutes next week.

The judge ordered him to only ask questions relevant to the defamation case against her husband.

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