Belchertown Select Board wants forum on “Rattlesnake Island” proposal

A vote on the rattlesnake relocation is set for May 10th

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP) – The Belchertown Select Board is upset the state held a meeting about rattlesnakes coming to the Quabbin Reservoir, but never specifically notified the board.

Selectwoman Brenda Aldrich told 22News the state held the meeting March 14th, never told Belchertown’s local government. Aldrich said it’s not about whether it’s a good idea to place rattlesnakes on an island in the Quabbin.

“We have residents in town who are for snakes in the Quabbin, and most of them are against snakes in the Quabbin,” said Aldrich. “The problem is there are so many questions, that we need to have a forum that can address those questions by residents.”

There’s supposed to be a vote on the rattlesnake relocation on May 10th. Belchertown leaders are hoping to have that vote postponed until after they meet with representatives from the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.

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