“Hello, My Name Is Doris”

A Look at the Movies

Rated R
1 hour 35 minutes

Sally Field, Peter Gallagher, Tyne Daley, Natasha Lyonne

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – No one’s going to let a few wrinkles come between Sally Field and her devoted fans of a certain age.

“Hello, My Name is Doris” returns Sally to super stardom on the strength of just being lovable.

Doris has let her life just slip away to the point where she now gets far too emotional over the kind attentions of a much younger man.

Visiting a Rock band in their dressing room isn’t something Doris does every day, but when the rocker wants to know If you honestly enjoyed his show, Doris is never less than completely truthful.

Sally field calls on all her skill at creating this vibrantly alive character who never stops trying to make up for what she’s been missing.

But she’s nobody’s fool, least of all her overbearing sister, Tyne Daley, lending beautiful support, Doris as learned to always have their last word.

When Daley complains about Doris’s hoarding, not cleaning out her Refrigerator since the 1970’s, Field snaps back. “…..It Keeps”

And for the past fifty years, Sally Field’s brand of lovability has also kept very well. The part she so superbly plays as “Doris” has you laughing one moment and holding back the tears the next.

It’s a reminder that what this great actress has done in her Oscar winning youth is still there later in life.

“Hello, Name is Doris” deserves your attention with 3 stars. Sally Field is still the giant she always was.

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