Caught on Camera: Dad dragged by child’s school bus

The incident was captured on cell phone video.

Photo Courtesy: CNN/WCVB

BOSTON, Mass. (CNN/WCVB) – A Boston school bus driver is on leave, after driving away while a man clung to the bus mirror.

The incident was captured on cell phone video.

“Yo, stop the bus!”

Disturbing video, as parents scream as a man dangles from this school bus in Mattapan.

James Burdett told WCVB, “He then pressed on the gas again and hit my leg and also just, I just grabbed on for dear life.”

James Burdett, now walking with a limp, says it all began after school on Thursday. When he tried to pick his five-year-old daughter at the bus stop.

“I tried to get my daughter off the bus, he refused to open the door, so I dangled off the front of the bus, to try to stop him,” said Burdett.

Parents say there have been some confusion after changes were made to the location of the stops.

Burdett says once he was in front of the bus, things took a turn for the worse. “I was scared, my daughter is on the bus, five-year-old telling him ‘that’s my dad, that’s my dad’” said Burdett.

Eventually, the bus did stop and police were called to the scene.

In the video, it’s hard to tell why Burdett grabbed on versus moving out of the way.

“Why did you grab on, instead of just running out of the way?”

“Because it was too late. By the time I had to grab on because he was already going. He was already accelerating,” said Burdett.

Police are investigating.

Dan O’Brien, press secretary for Boston public schools, provided this statement about the incident: “the Boston public schools does not tolerate any kind of behavior that places people’s lives in danger or compromises public safety. Transdev, the contractor that operates all bps school buses, immediately removed the driver from service and placed him on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

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