Teens arrested after posting video of guns at school

(WKMG) – The mug shots from the Orange County Sheriff’s office show 2 teenagers, 15-year-old Ricardo Arevalo and 17-year-old Jeuriel Acevedo.

Deputies say they recorded a video, on the social media site Snapchat showing them handling a loaded gun in the bathroom at school.

Dr. John McHale, the principal of Cypress Creek High, said “We had an incident that had been reported where we got an anonymous tip late yesterday afternoon, and within 5 hours we were able to investigate and identify the 2 young men who had been arrested. And they posed no threat at any time to any of our students on campus.”

Dr. McHale said his school resource deputy is big on the phrase going around right now, “If you see something, say something;” and someone did. A parent called in the video of the boys, deputies arrested them at their homes, and found the gun in the 17-year-old backpack.

“We’re going to continue to ask people to help us if they hear anything or see anything unusual to please call me or an administrator so we can get to the bottom of it,” said Dr. McHale.

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