1st grade murder plot foiled

child sexsting
Authorities in Anchorage, Alaska say three first grade girls plotted to poison and kill a classmate.

(KTUU) Three first-grade students at Winterberry Charter School in Anchorage have been suspended after plotting to poison and kill a classmate, the school principal says.

In a bizarre case, Anchorage police say there indeed appeared to be a plot among the students to harm a classmate at the school last week.

The substance the children planned to use as a poison, silica gel, is generally considered to be non-toxic but the students believed it was harmful, according to a letter the school sent to parents.

Jennifer Castro, spokeswoman for APD, says a fellow student alerted adults when he or she learned of the plan.

“We’re grateful that that student was able to speak up and obviously at such a young age,” Castro said.

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