Women who support Donald Trump and why

The big question, do trump's female supporters even care

(CNN) – Donald Trump says nobody has more respect for women than him. But critics point out he has called certain women names like ‘bimbos’ and ‘fat pigs.’ And now he’s going after his rival’s wife.

The big question, do trump’s female supporters even care? I’m in Tucson with a group of conservative women. They meet every month to learn about politics and they all support Donald Trump.

So I’m going to go around and say, why?”

Crystal Junior, a trump supporter said, “I just find that what you see is what you get with this man and that is what I want.”

Brooke Steck, a trump supporter said, “He’s not afraid to say what he thinks. He’s a strong man with a strong personality. He really does love his country, he loves people and he really has respect for women.”

To non-Trump supporters that may seem ridiculous given some of the things trump has said and done. For example the weekend twitter fight between Ted Cruz over their wives.

Okay. So you have all seen this. This is a re-tweet by Donald Trump. Have we crossed some sort of line here?”

Brooke: “This tweeting, it’s quite ridiculous. We need to focus on the issues at hand and what’s going on in our country and around the world and problems.”

This latest incident involving his wife does not change your support?”

Brooke: “This kind of thing is mudslinging. It isn’t new to politics. So I mean it’s not nice.”

He’s unfiltered, not politically correct that’ something these women love. Even if they don’t always love how he says things.

Lyn Kilian, a trump supporter “I’ve cringed on occasion when he’s said a certain thing. I wonder why he’s said a certain thing but that’s his personality. He’s just- he just lets it roll.”

And nowhere has trump perhaps let it roll more than with his feud with fox anchor Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly, a fox news moderator said, “You’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs,’ ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’ and ‘disgusting animals.'”

Eileen Eagar, a trump supporter said, “He’s been bated. He’s been bated by Megyn Kelly. I can’t even believe.”

You really think that?

Eileen: “C’mon. The first question that was asked by her at that first debate was to bate Donald Trump and to get him into a position where he would react.”

What about his reaction to that?

Donald Trump said, “Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Eileen: “he did say it. But you don’t’ know what his connotation was. I didn’t take it that way.”

I really would’ve gotten you upset.

Crystal Junior, a trump supporter said, “Not necessarily. Just because he insults men as well. And because he insults men as well, i can’t be upset that he’s insulting women.”

I asked how is it they didn’t seem to think their personal values of honesty, respect and decency were not compromised by supporting someone who seems to go against those principles.

How do you balance that? Your support of a man who seems to violate every aspect of what you believe?”

Crystal: “Because the other side is worse.”

Is there anything Donald Trump could do that would make you change your support?

Crystal: “Just going back on his policies and on the issues.”

When asked how they would react if Donald Trump isn’t the republican nominee, the women said they would stop supporting the party all-together.

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