Substitute teacher freaks-out over box of missing rubber bands

The entire meltdown was caught on cell phone video

(KRON) – A lesson in appropriate behavior is needed after what happened Monday afternoon in this 6th grade classroom at Antioch Middle School. A substitute teacher started screaming, apparently over a missing box of rubber bands, and demanded a student to go through the trash to get them.

It is possible the kids were wearing the rubber bands like bracelets. Walter Ruehlig, School Board Vice President, said, “That does not give any teacher the excuse to go ballistic.” Ruehlig said this teacher’s behavior is extreme.

A school employee gave KRON4 News the video and said teachers are frustrated by a lack of discipline in the middle school. Ruehlig defended the district’s students; “Nothing out of the ordinary that was done by the kids. I am actually marveled by the composure of the kids they put up with this erratic behavior which is inexcusable.”

Parents we showed the video to, worry about what this outburst teaches students. Amalia Garcia said, “He can’t treat the students like that. He has to be professional for his job.”

The substitute has been let go, and the school district is investigating if there are other times this teacher got so agitated, he lost his composure. Ruehlig said, “I don’t know where he got trained. He should have a good, hard look at the training he got to be dealing with children.”

Police were notified about what happened inside the classroom and now the school district is looking at better ways to vet substitute teacher and train them before they start.

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