Rooster killing suspect: ‘They woke me up’

She got a gun and went into her backyard where the roosters had roamed and shot them three times

(CNN) – A Pennsylvania woman is facing animal cruelty charges for killing two roosters. The reason? They woke her up.

At the pioneer tunnel coal mine, in Ashland. It’s quieter than usual. Normally two roosters could be heard belting out a sunrise crow, or be seen roaming the roads at this tourist attraction.

But these ‘brother roosters’ who were always seen together. Were recently shot and killed.

Tony Loftus, at pioneer tunnel said, “These two roosters would follow you around they would go down to open up.”

Tony Loftus works at the pioneer tunnel and says about a year ago the brother roosters were donated to the tunnel, replacing a former beloved rooster and hen. ‘Big red’ and ‘Ann-Thracite’, who died of natural causes.

Tony Loftus: “Normally when i come in the morning to fire up the steam locomotive. The roosters would be crowing when the sun comes up. I know I will probably miss that.”

That crowing is what caused their death a few weeks ago.

According to police, 21-year-old Jenna Caso was sleeping inside this home on Walnut Street when she heard the roosters crowing just after 6 in the morning.

She got a gun and went into her backyard where the roosters had roamed. And shot them three times.

That’s animal cruelty to me. Court documents show that after Jenna Caso shot the two roosters, a witness ran up to her and yelled ‘why did you do that’. She replied simply, ‘they woke me up’. And went back into her home.”

Samantha Kinkaid, an Ashland resident said, “That seems pretty extreme.”

Samantha Kinkaid lived on the other side of Walnut Street and saw the roosters often. She’s among those who thought the animals were part of the community

Samantha: “they seemed to be like farm animals they never bothered anybody. I never heard of them attacking anybody. They seemed pretty friendly.”

Ashland police charged Jenna Caso with misdemeanor animal cruelty and reckless endangerment. Police say they never had any complaints about the roosters.

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