Chicopee Landfill shutting down for good

Officials trying to create a new plan for the city's garbage

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Every week you put out the trash, and if you live in Chicopee, your garbage goes to the local landfill. Well that landfill is closing, and right now the city isn’t sure where your trash will go after that.

The landfill is being forced to close because it’s almost at capacity. At a meeting at the Chicopee Senior Center Tuesday night, Mayor Richard Kos said the landfill will be completely filled by 2018. So, the city is trying to be proactive now, to develop a plan and figure out where everyone’s garbage is going to go.

“Bondi’s Island is out there. There are several transfer stations that are out there,” said Timonth Mclellan, Co-chairman of the Landfill Advisory Committee. “It’s still early in the transfer process but I’m pretty sure that we’re going to roll a lot of things out come summertime.”

If the city opted to collect and ship everyone’s garbage to a landfill outside of Chicopee, it’ll cost big bucks. Not to mention, with the landfill closing, the city’s actually going to be losing a lot of money.

For decades Chicopee’s collected more than one million dollars a year from communities who dump their waste at the landfill. Now that it’s closing that money’s going to disappear, and so will the space for everyone’s garbage.

The city hopes by reducing the size of garbage bins to 35 gallons, and promoting more recycling, there won’t be as much garbage to worry about.

“I talk to people and a lot of times they don’t realize what’s recyclable, and what’s not,” said Chicopee resident Skip St. Jean. ” It adds up big time.”

The city frequently conducts random garbage checks and said they often find people throwing away recyclables, which adds to the problem.

The city hopes to have a solution in place by this time next year. They don’t anticipate taxes will go up.

To read the Chicopee Landfill Advisory Committee’s most recent report, Click Here.

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