Alabama fire crews try to reach Jeep hanging in tree

jeep hanging


12:45 PM — News 3’s Joe Ripley is speaking with EMS responders on the scene who say the driver of the Jeep has been taken to a local hospital. They say his injuries are “significant and severe”.

WRBL News 3’s live crew says traffic is still blocked at 13th Street on the westbound side of the Oglethorpe Bridge.

12:30 PM — Phenix City and Columbus fire crews have pulled a Jeep up over the Oglethorpe Bridge from the Chattahoochee River bank. Witnesses say the Jeep went over the edge of the bridge after a crash on the westbound side of Highway 280. A News 3 live crew says the Jeep was stuck in a tree until fire crew cut it down

11:55 PM — Phenix City and Columbus fire crews are cutting down the tree a Jeep is stuck in after a crash on Highway 280 westbound sent it over the Oglethorpe Bridge. The crews plan to tow the Jeep back up over the bridge after taking it down from the tree.

11:45 AM — Witnesses at the scene tell News 3 EMS responders repelled down the bridge to reach the driver of the Jeep. The driver was seen on the bank of the Chattahoochee River. Witnesses say they could not see obvious injuries, but the man was taken away on a stretcher.

Traffic on the Oglethorpe Bridge is still backed up on the westbound side. Emergency crews appear to only be allowing a few cars at a time to pass.

Phenix City, AL (WRBL)— News 3 is on the scene of a car crash where our crew says they are seeing a Jeep stuck in a tree underneath the westbound lanes of Highway 280 towards Phenix City.

Our live crew says Phenix City fire trucks are on the scene and no cars are traveling in the westbound lane.

As of ten minutes ago, our photographer says the highway is blocked off and traffic is backed up while responders attempt to reach the crash. Witnesses also say the driver appears to have fallen out onto the riverbank.

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