Getting ready to do some spring planting

Trees, shrubs and hearty perennials can all be planted now.

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – The sun was out Thursday and people were out at the Hadley Garden Center getting ready to do some spring planting. 

“I came in to get some pansies and some spring flowers its warm enough up there in the hills to start flowering up my yard,” said Susan Loring-Wells of Shutesbury.

Right now it’s a good time to do some yard cleanup. If things have dried out enough they could do a good thorough raking of their lawn maybe rake away some of the mulch or leaves they had in their beds covering the plants up,”  said Tom Giles of the Hadley Garden Center.

It’s also a good time to test your soil’s pH level and to put some lime down. 

There are some plants you can put out now. “As far as putting things out any of the woody ornamentals, any of the trees and shrubs, hearty perennials they can all be planted now. Pansies can be planted now, they’re not affected by the cold or a frost,” said Tom Giles.

Before you do plant make sure the frost is gone and the ground isn’t too muddy.

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