Terror in Brussels: Impact on international travel from Boston

Hear more from the couple who missed their flight from Boston to Brussels Tuesday morning on 22News starting at 5:00 p.m.

BOSTON (WWLP) – Bombs exploded at the Brussels Airport and one of the city’s metro stations Tuesday morning, killing at least 31 people and injuring hundreds. Brussels Airport will be closed through Wednesday, impacting travel throughout Europe and around the world.

22News went to Terminal E, at Logan International Airport in Boston, where all international flights depart and arrive. People from western Massachusetts often fly out of Logan to get a direct flight to Europe.

Massachusetts State Police boosted their presence at transportation scenes. Richard Murphy of West Brookfield said he felt safe seeing state troopers with assault rifles in the terminal. The attack didn’t stop him from flying to Ireland; “I mean, what can we do? Can we strip search every passenger? We’d have to stop all travel or recognize that this is the new normal.”

We also spoke with many travelers who arrived at the airport hours before their flight, expecting heightened security on Tuesday. They said they were saddened, but not surprised by the terror attacks in Brussels.

Bob Campbell was seeing his aunt off to Korea. He said he felt safe seeing state troopers, but he wouldn’t feel safe at other airports outside the country. “I wouldn’t fly to Europe or the Middle East right now. Even if it was a business thing, I would cancel it and just wait and see because it’s unpredictable, you know, you don’t know what’s going on.”

Some people at the Logan have been directly impacted by the Brussels attacks as well. A twist in fate saved a husband and wife from landing at Brussels Airport just minutes before the explosions Tuesday morning.

Antoinette Dohmen and her husband live an hour away in the Netherlands. Antoinette said had she not confused AM with PM, they would have flown on the redeye Monday night, landing in Brussels minutes before the explosions.

She said whenever she starts getting frustrated their flight was canceled, she remembers, it could have been much worse at the Brussels Airport. “People laying there with their limbs torn off. How could you ever forget that? How could you get over that when you’re going on a holiday? In a way it’s scary but I just said to my husband I just pretend I’m not and just block it out because I don’t want terrorism to win.”

Antoinette described Brussels as a beautiful, friendly, safe city and she hopes people will still visit there after this attack.

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