Safety issues surrounding the Great River Bridge

Portions of the concrete barriers fell off

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Westfield Mayor Brian Sullivan on Tuesday reiterated his call to close portions of the parks near the Great River Bridge due to safety concerns.

Barrels and temporary fencing are installed at the northern and southern edges of the bridge along the overlooks. Last month, portions of the concrete barriers between public walkways and the Westfield River weakened, and gave way.

Safety concerns causing Westfield park areas to close

A construction contractor working on the bike path hit one of the overlooks with a cable. That caused part of it to loosen.

Pedestrians say there should be signs warning the community of the structural danger. “I wish they told people because what if it were to collapse? What if there was something to happen? Someone could get hurt. They could warn people more something like this is happening,” said Nicholas Galcenski of Westfield.

Structural engineering determined the balusters are unstable, and should remain closed until restoration is complete. Another report will be made within the next month to evaluate alternatives and construction costs.

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