Police dispatcher allegedly tipped off subjects of criminal cases

Her boyfriend was among those under investigation

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PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) — A search warrant affidavit states a now terminated Providence, Rhode Island Police Department dispatcher is suspected of leaking classified information to her boyfriend and other potential criminal investigation targets, the Target 12 Investigators have learned.

Jenny Roungreuang, 26, was terminated after less than three months on the job as an operator in the department’s communications center. The affidavit was filed for a search warrant of Roungreuang’s cell phone.

Investigators have not said what, if anything, was culled from the device, but the affidavit asserts police are seeking Roungreuang’s cell records from January 1, 2016 to March 14, 2016, the day she was placed on administrative leave from the police department.

According to the document, on March 10 a confidential informant told police that Roungreuang was “tipping off” her boyfriend Keilon Briggs after narcotics officers had requested information about him. Neither Roungreuang nor Briggs have been charged. The affidavit states “Briggs is a person that has been under investigation by the Narcotics Bureau for several months.”

Briggs told narcotics officers that Roungreuang tipped him off according to the affidavit. The document states Briggs said “his girlfriend (Jenny) stated to him that the Providence Police were “running” his name for license information.”

The affidavit reveals the informant said Roungreuang “provided information to other subjects that are the center of criminal investigations by members of the Providence Police.”

“It should also be noted that it is not known exactly…how many criminal investigations that [Roungreuang allegedly] obstructed,” the affidavit states.

The relationship between the couple included dozens of visits at the Adult Correctional Institute, with the document indicating Roungreuang went to the ACI more than 30 times starting in 2014, to see Briggs who was imprisoned there at the time.

City records show Roungreuang was hired on December 20 at an annual salary of $44,238. Evan England, a spokesman for Mayor Jorge Elorza, confirmed the mayor called Roungreuang to offer the position, but did not participate in her job interview. England said Elorza regularly calls new city hires.

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare told Eyewitness News the decision to terminate Roungreuang did not depend on whether the investigation leads to criminal charges.

“You cannot compromise information that you come across,” Pare said. “What she did was just inappropriate. Unfortunately, she held a position of trust and she violated that trust.”

Target 12 has reached out to Roungreuang, but have not heard back from her.

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