Path to home ownership for first timers in Springfield

Buy Springfield Now has brought 400 new homeowners into the city over the last 6 years

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The city of Springfield is actively growing its population of homeowners.  Mayor Domenic Sarno helped create the organization, “Buy Springfield Now” to bring more people into the process of home ownership.

“Buy Springfield Now” helps renters become home-owners by providing information and guidance on credit repair, down payment assistance, lenders and market research.

“What we’ve found, consistently, is we’ll take people from rental situations to owning a home and they’re saving money on a monthly basis,” said Buy Springfield Now co-chair Laura Roy, “So, not only are we bringing more homeowners into the city, we’re making it more economically feasible for people to become homeowners.”

“Buy Springfield Now” is planning 18 meetings with prospective first-time home-buyers through the city’s library system this year.

Roy told 22News that once people become invested in their home, they become invested in the community.  “The Community benefits.  The homeowner benefits, and the city benefits.”

She said her organization has brought 400 new homeowners into the city over the last six years.

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