Decision Day

Decision Day
Three more states are having their say in Decision 2016 as foreign policy takes center stage.

(NBC News) – In decision 2016: three states are voting today – the western trifecta: Idaho, Utah and Arizona.

The democrats are already focused on the next contest: Washington State on Saturday.

Today’s contests: Idaho for the Democrats, and Arizona and Utah for both parties.

Arizona is the big prize – winner take all. Bernie sanders rallied there last night. “I think we have a road — a narrow road but a road to victory,” said Bernie Sanders, (D) Presidential Candidate.

Donald trump’s leading Arizona, and trying to bring the party together after private meeting with Republicans in Washington.

But Trump’s back and forth positions on Israel are drawing criticism from both sides. “We need steady hands, not a President who says he’s neutral on Monday, pro-Israel on Tuesday and who knows what on Wednesday because everything’s negotiable!” said Hillary Clinton, (D) Presidential Candidate.

“I would love to be neutral if it’s possible. It’s probably not possible, because there’s so much hatred. There’s nobody more pro-Israel than I am,” said Donald Trump, (R) Presidential Candidate.

“He can say totally different policy positions in the course of a day from one end into the other,” said Ted Cruz, (R) Presidential Candidate.

John Kasich doubts peace with the Palestinians could ever happen. “Why are we living in a dream world? Until they recognize Israel’s right to exist, how could you ever have a two-state solution,” said John Kasich, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Foreign policy dominating, on the day more Americans decide.

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