10 NFL players held a training camp in Egypt

More than 400 people signed up to learn on the field

(CNN) – This is how you get into beast mode. Learning to hit from former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch.

However, this isn’t a camp near you. American football is going abroad. Bringing the hits, the pain, and unique motivation. It’s American football without barriers, or AFWB for short. 10 NFL players held a three-day camp in Egypt.

Gary Barnidge, Cleveland Browns, said, “Here is a sport that is new and is different in their culture, but it’s a fun sport, it’s a huge team sport, it is really the definition of a team sport, and it builds friendships, lifelong friendships, and this is something that we want them to live with.”

Football isn’t completely unknown in the land of pharaohs. Egypt already has two leagues and a dozen teams.

Amr Hebbo, Egyptian Federation of American Football, said, “People here in Egypt, they like violent sports a little bit, and this is very appealing to them. So whenever people see this they say ok, this is amazing, I want to do this. I want to hit somebody.”

Yousif Ahmed, Cairo Hellhouds, said, “Actually, I prefer for lineman, defense, because I love hits, I love being aggressive, I love tackling, so that’s why I love playing defense.”

400 people signed up within hours to learn from the best. Including Egypt’s two all-female teams. Haydeer Ayman, Pink Warriors, said, “I have a dream for the sport, especially for women here in Egypt.”

But there’s more to football then the hitting, drills and pushups.

DeAngello Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers, said, “We want to polish it up from the standpoint of that you have to eat right, you have to be healthy when you play this sport. You have to make sure that you have the right equipment…” because when you have these pop up sports in other countries they’re not always doing it right.

It’s unlikely the gridiron will overtake the pitch at least anytime soon. Soccer is still Egypt’s number one sport, but who knows, football could make an interception, and lead to a touchdown here.

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