Video released shows bold prison break

(CNN) – It seemed like any other day at St. Jerome prison. Three years ago inmates strolled the sunny court yard.

However that routine was used as part of a plan.  In this footage obtained by CTV, a hijacked helicopter arrived, throwing down rope two inmates had been waiting for, but the movie script escape didn’t follow the plot.

Climbing out of the yard proved impossible, the helicopter was forced to land on the prison roof.

For more than six minutes, unarmed prison guards watch and recorded. The convicted felons slowly get away.

“A mesh, a security mesh, could have been used on the court yard to prevent them from even attempting that escape,” said security consultant Colin Lobo.

Those steps weren’t taken and less than 15 months later, it happened again. Three inmates used a helicopter to break out of a prison near Quebec City.

Those fugitives were caught two weeks later, after hiding out in a luxury condo in Montreal. The Quebec government commissioned a report in 2014, recommending prison security improvements.

“We have responded to some of those recommendations and we are in the process of responding to other recommendations,” said Security Public Minister Martin Coiteux.

But the prison guards’ union warns the measures don’t go far enough.  Union representative Mathieu Lavoie says the same type of escape could happen tomorrow morning. The St. Jerome fugitives only tasted short-lived freedom, they were caught just hours later.

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