The allergies affecting you may not be what you think

(WTNH) — With it already feeling like spring many say they’re feeling their allergies coming on but it may not be what they think.

“My daughter hasn’t been feeling that well she sounds stuffy like she has a cold,” says Evelyn Spinnato of Waterford.

Her daughter and son are feeling the effects of what seems like their usually spring time allergies.

“He has watery eyes and the sneezing,” says Spinnato.

Dr. George Sprecace says many have come into his office with typical hay fever symptoms.

“The only thing is that those symptoms are not due to tree pollen or grass pollen which has barely started if at all,” says Dr. Sprecace.

He says tree pollen doesn’t start to irritate people until late March.

“What’s happening now is the result of the freezing and thawing of the earth which produces mold,” says the doctor.

“The mold I am surprised yes that’s kind of scary actually,” says Spinnato.

He says if you’re not feeling well you first need to determine if you have a respiratory tract infection.

“The known devil is better than the unknown devil,” says Dr. Sprecace.

If it’s allergies treat them as you normally would with antihistamines and nasal sprays as soon as possible.

“Untreated symptoms actually result in a priming of the tissues so that it take less future exposure to produce even more symptoms,” explains Dr. Sprecace.

Even though the buds you see on trees now may not be affecting you yet Dr. Sprecace says they could be in a matter of just ten days. That’s when tree pollen allergies come into season.

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