Mass. State Police urges drivers to abide by “Move Over Law”

Failure to comply with the law could result in a $100 fine

Trooper Thomas Clardy (Image Courtesy: Massachusetts State Police)

SPRINGFIELD (WWLP) – It’s called the “Move Over Law.” If you see an emergency vehicle or police cruiser with flashing lights in the breakdown lane, state law requires you to slow down and move to the farthest lane.

22News watched as several cars whizzed by on Interstate 291 without moving over, putting others at risk. One state trooper called it both unsafe and frustrating.

“It’s a daily occurrence where the cruiser gets rocked. You’re sitting in it and it starts shaking. People go flying by,” said Massachusetts State Police Trooper John Vasquez.

22News went for a ride-along with Massachusetts State Police Lt. William Loiselle and discovered just how dangerous it can be for emergency personnel and tow truck drivers to be stationed in the breakdown lane.

Lt. William Loiselle said, “On the side of the road where traffic’s whizzing by, you know, he’s within a couple feet of the breakdown lane if not right on the breakdown lane.”

Police are reminding drivers to follow the “Move Over Law” after 44-year old Trooper Thomas Clardy was killed during a traffic stop on the Mass Pike near Charlton Wednesday. They hope to prevent more tragedies.

“Take care of your neighbor. If you see somebody on the side of the road, make the concious effort to move over. Give them some room,” Lt. Loiselle added.

Drivers who don’t obey the “Move Over Law” could be slapped with a $100 dollar fine.

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