Is Hillary Clinton shouting?

"What's she mad at?" wondered Fox's Brit Hume

NEW YORK (CNN) – Critics are taking aim at democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over the way she speaks. More specifically, the way she shouts.

And that has her fans upset, saying Clinton’s being targeted because she’s a woman. She’s used to getting shootouts. As well as shouting at her audience.

Shouting everything from her gratitude to her website.

“At Hillary Clinton-dot-com,” Clinton shouts.

Between her hoarse voice and her volume, critics covered their ears.

“Hillary shouting her speech” tweeted media critic Howard Kurtz. “What’s she mad at?” wondered Fox’s Brit Hume.

Last month journalist Bob Woodward declared, “She shouts. There is something unrelaxed about the way she is communicating.”

However, when Joe Scarborough advised “smile. You just had a big night”, he got an earful from Hillary supporters crying “sexist.” Comedian Kate Spencer tweeted a photo with fangs captioned “Me when Joe tells women to “smile.”

The hashtag #smileforjoe inspired women to post their unsmiling faces. The liberal political blog Wonkette asked “You wanna see a smile? Here’s a smile.” “Oh, you want a bigger smile? Here’s a bigger smile.”

The male candidates sure aren’t above raising their voices.

“And then as soon as we left they knocked the (bleep) out of everybody,” said Trump.

Hillary herself is aware of the shouting critique, “I’m always being told that when I talk to you I should talk in a very calm.”

And sometimes she catches herself, “And above all, (voice lowers) Above all.”

Speak softly and carry a big stick. So you can use the stick on anyone who says you’re not speaking softly enough.

From the Tonight Show, “You wanna win, here’s what you gotta do. First, yell.”

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