Don’t trash it! Easy ways to get rid of clutter

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  You can save time and money by recycling old items instead of trashing them!  Kelsey Colpitts from the Center for Eco Technology in Florence told us more.

10 alternatives to throwing things away:

  • 1. Donate building materials to EcoBuilding Bargains
  • 2. Donate clothing to your local thrift store
  • 3. Thrift stores will also take old toys
  • 4. Hold onto lead and oil based paints and look for your local household hazardous waste pickup
  • 5. Donate latex paint to local theater departments and schools
  • 6. Often animal shelters will take blankets and towels
  • 7. Donate books and magazines to local libraries, doctor’s offices, and athletic facilities
  • 8. Sell good quality items like bikes and rollerblades online and make some cash!
  • 9. Donate old games to local after-school programs
  • 10. Have a neighborhood garage sale and block party

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