Security flaw in your car can make you vulnerable to hackers


(WSPA) – Researchers have found a number of ways to break in and take control of the car’s computer system. One place is your car stereo.

No longer do thieves have to smash a window to break into a car. Hackers have already been able to unlock doors by decoding your key fob.

The cellular and wifi connections are two major vulnerabilities, since hackers don’t have to gain entry.

Once inside is the diagnostic port that automotive repair shops use.

Perhaps the most unlikely hacking source is the sound system. The researchers were able to use a CD or mp3 with malware. Install that in the car just by playing music and they had an entry point.

Hacking may some day be just another safety concern while you’re on the road.

If you get a recall for a system update from your manufacturer, take your car in right away.

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