New regulations on E-Cigarettes going into effect

Lawmakers afraid of children gaining access to liquid nicotine

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The next time you go to purchase an electronic cigarette in Massachusetts, it may be tougher to open the package.

That is because lawmakers passed new regulations requiring child-resistant packaging for liquids and gels used in e-cigarettes.

Inside each e-cigarette is a liquid gel with a high level of nicotine. Lawmakers are afraid without tougher packaging, children might swallow that liquid.

Those new regulations went into effect Tuesday, but not everyone thinks they’re a good idea.

One person told 22News this could further discourage people who are trying to quit smoking. “I don’t see what tougher packaging is going to do, because it’s adults that are trying to quit smoking that are using e-cigarettes. I think that a child is going to be able to get a hold of it regardless, because it’s going to be an adult that opens it and leaves it lying around,” said Jess Ortiz of Springfield.

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that turn nicotine-containing liquid into vapor that is inhaled. They lack the chemicals and tars of burning tobacco but can still be addictive. Attorney General Maura Healey says children can be attracted to the bright colors and child-friendly flavors of the liquid and gel nicotine.

“Well, anything that keeps the kids from getting access to that stuff is fine,” said Pete Bednarz of Springfield.

Regulations that went in to effect last year banned anyone under 18 years old from buying e-cigarettes. This comes as many cities and towns across the commonwealth are raising the smoking age to 21.

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