How much influence do lobbyists have on local elections?

At least six state lawmakers want to find out

BOSTON (WWLP) – Brockton State Senator Michael Brady believes special interest groups are getting more involved in local government.

A special legislative committee is considering a bill that would shed light on municipal lobbying in Massachusetts. It’ll focus on the lobbying of mayors, select board members, city councilors and school committee members.

Senator Brady told state lawmakers on Tuesday that the bill is modeled after the state lobbying law. The proposal would require municipal lobbyists to register publically at city or town halls.

Under the bill, lobbyists would have to disclose what they’re lobbying for, how much money they’re donating to local officials and who’s paying for it all.

City and town officials must approve the law before it can go into effect in that community.

Senator Brady told 22News, “It’s modeled after the state lobbying act that we have, but I didn’t want to force it down any municipality’s throat that didn’t want to have it that way. Not every municipality’s the same.”

Springfield State Representative Angelo Puppolo is a co-sponsor of the bill.

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