First FDA cleared procedure for cellullite

Study patients reported being very satisfied with their results

STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – The first FDA cleared procedure for a common problem women have–cellulite. It’s a minimally invasive treatment.

“I was always active and my legs were always the strongest part of my body and they are still strong but they look like jello,” says Roni Rodman.

Before and after photos are what convinced Roni to get it done.

“I need to have that and I booked my appointment, and that was it. I didn’t even hesitate,” she said. Dr. Omar Ibrahimi at the Connecticut Skin Institute says so far research has shown it to be a one shot deal.

“From the initial cohort of patients treated, some as long as 2010, the results are long lasting,” Ibrahimi said. Like most women, Roni’s thighs are her problem areas, where bands under the skin are losing their elasticity and pulling it down.

“What Cellfina actually does is it comes in and it actually addresses the root cause of cellulite,” explains Dr. Ibrahimi.

It uses a vacuum type system to first numb the targeted dimples. Then Dr. Ibrahimi will go back in again to lift the skin, but this time using a tiny blade.

He says, “We will actually come in, with a very precise blade and we will go in and loosen up the bands all within that highlighted area. And when you actually cut these, the dimples are actually going to soften and come back up to the surface of the skin.”

For a smoother skin, treatment generally takes less than an hour and there’s little down time. Side affects include bruising and tenderness.

Roni says, “I can not wait. I don’t even have a full length mirror in my house. I can not look at myself.”

In just three days, study patients reported being very satisfied with their results. This is a minimally invasive procedure. It does have some bloody discharge. It’s not covered by insurance, and can cost between three to six thousand dollars.

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