Fashion tips: standing out vs. blending in

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – When it comes to style, people may go to extremes to blend in or to stand out. The reality is: we are all just trying to feel our best, no matter what we are doing in our lives. The Fashion Dr. Terry Standish is here today from to share more!

1. Know it is Possible-
Getting to know your taste is all about looking at fabrics, colors and patterns, lines and combinations of them. There is nothing to be afraid of. It is not about right or wrong but likes and dislikes. We may need minor adjustments or tweaks at the end of this process, to match your physical body but we first need to know what our taste looks like, instead of the other way around. We need to stay in the thought that it is possible to match you with your taste. We just need to let go of the results of how, for now.

2. Adjusting our Priorities-
Your taste needs to be the first priority. Once you have more clarity of your taste then you can begin to look for it. Dream, let go and have fun with it. We often buy based on what fits our body and not be listening to the heart and soul of what calls to us because we are afraid of being disappointed that it can’t be found. Rethinking takes practice but the process will pleasantly surprise you. When you get to see more of your taste in your wardrobe. Then you will become much more excited about getting ready and choosing to show up in it.

3.Rating your Soul Call-
As we are tapping into what calls to our soul we will need to rate how much we love it so we can stop settling on what is just “ok.” A closet full of things that are just ok will not excite us and will not allow for us to feel how we really want to feel. Practice asking yourself the rating question from 1-10. Less than an 8 should not be in your closet, unless the items are needed to complete another outfit that is an 8 or higher.

4.Dressing Inside-Out-
Basing the choices on what we love that also calls to us personally may take some time and some practice but the results are life changing. It is always much better that it fits our taste rather than dressing to meet someone else’s taste, based only trends or out of fear that there is nothing else out there, when it is.

You can also get help from a professional but we need to look to those who are willing to listen to your personal taste to help you to discover our own vision. Often people and friends are trying to help you without understanding your needs and your taste which needs to be part of the overall plan. If not, then they are not doing you or look any justice. Many can’t see past their own taste which is a problem as well so they will be dressing you as them and not as you.

“Dressing Inside-Out” is the only way brings any of us more clarity, more confidence and help us to be more courageous in the most challenging of situations.
Imagine how you would feel in each of these situations if you started with feeling your best first.

These are just a few examples:

1. New Job or a promotion
2. Meeting new people
3. Going through a divorce
4. Dating again
5. Doing anything new or stressful
6. Aging and coping with how that feels
7. Recently gained or lost weight

We would feel more powerful and therefore be acting from the most powerful place of all, acting from within you and not covering up what you thought you needed to hide.
When we begin to know and understand ourselves better, we do better and feel better.

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