Check the weight of your vehicle before crossing Fort River Bridge

Fort River Bridge has been restricted to one lane since February

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Small pickup trucks and SUV’s may be closer to the three ton weight limit than you may think, and work or repairing the deteriorating bridge still hasn’t started.

The Fort River Bridge on Bay Road, or Route 47, in Hadley has been restricted to one lane since February.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation says the bridge is deteriorating but crews cannot repair it until the summer comes. In the meantime, it has been reduced to a single lane to alleviate the amount of traffic and weight on the bridge at one time.

The Hadley Police Department says the MassDOT has requested their assistance in directing trucks towards the detours, but they will start issuing citations to drivers that go over the three ton weight limit, which is a $205 fine.

Police say to put it in perspective, Ford F-150’s and Chevrolet and Dodge 1500 trucks can weigh up to or more than 6000 lbs, and a full load adds to that weight.

However, residents that live near the bridge said they are more concerned about the Jersey Barriers placed on the bridge diverting traffic to one lane.

Bryan Harper of Hadley told 22News, “I think there’s about 17 jersey barriers, so that’s a lot of weight for the bridge to be holding while they’re waiting to work on it.”

While traffic is getting backed up in the commuting hours, Harper said the lights that were installed are doing an efficient job.

The timeline and cost of the project has not been released.

You can check the weight of your vehicle, by just looking in the service manual.

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