Hometown Heroes: Tom Guy

"He’s not just an adult, he's our friend and I can talk to him about anything."

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – This Thursday March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, the Red Cross of Western Massachusetts will honor Hometown Heroes, people who’ve saved lives or have had a positive impact on those in need of help.

From failure into success, from potential drops outs into honor students. The number of drop outs at Springfield’s Central high school has gone down considerably since Tom Guy became Central’s graduation coach. He spends his days visiting classrooms, inspiring students to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Central H.S. Junior Giovanni Velez said, “I came a long way from my freshman year. I made the honor roll last year.”

Amber Delgado said, “First thing was definitely going to class. I start going to class, after every test bring him my highest test.”

Truly caring has been the source of Tom Guy’s magic formula that he uses to change the course of so many young lives. He told 22News, “Always be honest with them, they can see right through you if you’re selling them a bag of lies. If you tell a student something and you don’t do it, you’ve lost them”

Another student mentioned, “I was getting into a lot of trouble, I was fighting, I was getting suspended all the time, threatened not to come back to the school. He’s not just an adult he’s our friend and I can talk to him about anything and he can help me out with it.”

Central High principal Tad Tokarz recognizes the special qualities of his graduation coach. He said, “His ability to see things outside the box, to relate to all types of individuals, students or parents is unique and he does it better than anyone I’ve ever met.”

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