Best GIFs of the 2016 campaign

(CNN) – It’s happened again, oh yes it did.  Another campaign moment turned into an endless loop.

Just like when that eagle pecked Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders danced his way onto Ellen.

The New York Times declared “political gifs are the new soundbites this campaign season.”

Gif, graphics interchange format, animated looping images only seconds long.

Though there’s a never ending argument over how to pronounce the word, the inventor says it should be jif, not gif, Jif as in the peanut butter.”

I was turned into a gif in a matter of moments.  No one’s more gif-able than this guy.

The COO of a company called Giphy, with a hard g, says politicians are getting savvier.

Candidates turning themselves into visual language like shrugging, finger guns, brushing off shoulder like Hillary Clinton did,” said Adam Leibsohn.

Her campaign tweeted out a dismissive gesture from the Benghazi hearings as a response to what was said at a republican debate.

Reacting to another GOP debate she rubbed her temples.  Marco Rubio became a gif when he desperately grabbed for a bottle of water.

Then Donald Trump’s imitation of Rubio likewise became a gif, but don’t expect any context.

The Cruz moose ear moment came when he imitated his daughter, reacting to a TV commentator saying it would be a disaster for Cruz if Trump won Texas.

You can expect these to happen and happen and happen and live on in cyberspace till the end of time.

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