Training for a 5K & the Dash & Dine!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Get ready to ‘Dash and Dine’ for your health and the happiness of those less fortunate around the Pioneer Valley! Kammy Nghiem, Amy Brandt from UMass and Jamie Cocco from Energia and 50/50 Fitness told us how to train for a 5K and raise money for  the Dash & Dine.

UMass Dash & Dine
Saturday, April 9th
UMass Amherst Campus
To benefit the: Amherst Survival Center

Tips for Runners:
Speed = Stride Angle + Stride Frequency
Improving Stride Frequency:
1. Hit the pavement – Basic Cardio Running Techniques
2. Speed Play – Intervals – improves cardio vascular fitness
3. Adding Sprints at the End of your workout – improves threshold and neural networks
4. Adding Hill Sprints to force great form and glute work – backwards down – builds strength.

Improving Stride Angle:
1. Better Stride angle = More efficiency – Why stride angle is important to prevent injury and maximize effort
2. Stretching – Hips, Glutes, and Shoulders – Improves your stride angle
3. Relax Shoulders and Breathe Deeply – Keeps you light on your feet and full range of motion
4. Slow-motion Video- IPhone 5S and up – Critique your own stride angle to improve posture and production.

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