Holyoke awarded a $1M renewable energy grant

Holyoke's looking for a "green" use for the Mount Tom Coal Plant

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Governor Charlie Baker announced on Friday that Holyoke will receive $1-million in grant funding to expand eco-friendly projects.

The Department of Energy Resources awarded grants money to cities and towns with active or decommissioned coal generation facilities. Holyoke’s looking for a “green” use for the Mount Tom Coal Plant, which closed in 2014.

The money will pay for the existing hydropower generation unity at Hadley Falls in Holyoke. The governor’s goal is to expand low-cost renewable power, city by city.

Laura Chambers of West Springfield said, “I think it’s a very positive thing. I think the more positive things that we do, the more that positive comes back to us in the long run. We’re looking at long term here, not a short term.”

The Baker administration’s goal is to stabilize the cost of energy for residents and businesses, and reduce air pollution across the state.

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