Toddler dials 911 after wardrobe emergency

wardrobe malfunction
When a 2-year-old girl couldn't manage to get her pants on, she called 911, and a sheriff's deputy was happy to help.

(WYFF) A wardrobe malfunction prompted a South Carolina toddler to call 911 for help.

Two-year-old Aaliyah was struggling to get dressed last week when she decided to ask for help.

“I’ve always taught her to call 911 if you need help, and I didn’t know she was going to take it to that extent,” says her mother, Pebbles Ryan.

Deputy Martha Lohnes was in the vicinity of the home and met the girl at the front door. Lohnes said the girl’s pants weren’t quite up to her waist and she said she couldn’t get them on.

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