State Police issue a warning for all drone owners

You need to keep your drone below 400 feet

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Massachusetts State Police have issued a warning that you cannot fly your drone near commercial and military airports. It’s illegal and it’s dangerous.

Federal laws say if you’re flying within 5 miles of a commercial or military airport, you need to call the airport to let them know. You also need to keep your drone below 400 feet and away from all runways and flight paths.

Barnes Airport Manager Brian Barnes told 22News, “We’re concerned about the manned aircraft and the airport traffic area. So this regulation just helps maintain awareness between both people. The folks that are flying the drones and the aircraft.”

There have been several cases across the country of drones flying in restricted air space. Not only can they distract a pilot, the drone could actually get caught in the aircraft creating a dangerous situation.

Make sure your drone is registered. Click Here to learn how to register and more information on the regulation.

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