Semi carrying 430 bee hives overturns in Tenn.

Each hive can carry up to around 60,000 bees

MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) – A portion of a a Tennessee roadway was closed Monday after a tractor-trailer transporting bees overturned.

The semi was carrying around 430 hives when it toppled over before 2 p.m. on Posey Hill Road, which is now closed to traffic.

According to the American Beekeeping Foundation, each hive can carry up to around 60,000 bees.

Local beekpeer Preston Poteete, a member of the Wilson County Beekeepers Association, was called to the scene to help.

He said a bunch of the hives busted when the truck turned over, taking both the tops and bottoms of some of them.

“I’ve been keeping bees a long time and my suggestion would be, if I was fooling with them, I’d try to offload them and put them on another truck if they want to try and save the bees,” Poteete explained.

Daniel Gowan with Wilson County EMS said they are trying to offload the bees by hand, trying to salvage as many as they can without harming them further.

He said the could use about 10 more beekeepers to help as the president of the Tennessee Beekeepers Association said nighttime is the worst for getting stung; they’re more happy go-lucky during the day.

Gowan said it’s a tedious task, but once the bees are removed and the truck is turned upright, they’ll then have to deal with fuel spill.

The road is expected to remain closed through the night and possibly into the morning.

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