Presidential candidates vying for Michigan

Can anyone stop Donald Trump?

(CNN) – All of the presidential candidates are looking forward to the next set of contests on the calendar — Tuesday, March 8, when voters in Mississippi, Michigan, Idaho, and Hawaii get a chance to weigh in. So who will prevail and can anyone stop Donald Trump?

John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump are all hoping for a boost in Tuesday’s next round of voting.

There are 150 GOP delegates at stake Tuesday in Mississippi, Michigan, Idaho, and Hawaii but the biggest prize is Michigan, with 59 delegates up for grabs. Trump currently leads with 389, Cruz has 302. Rubio and Kasich are far behind.

Rubio said, “This is going to be a very different kind of primary where the delegates are going to count.”

But can any of Trump’s challenger’s catch him tomorrow? The latest Monmouth University poll shows Trump currently has the support of 36-percent of likely Michigan voters. Cruz comes in second at 23-percent.

But with weekend wins in Kansas and Maine, he’s arguing he’s the only candidate who can beat Trump and ultimately, the Democratic nominee. “If we’re divided, Donald wins and if Donald wins, then in all likelihood, Hillary wins, and so we have to come together.”

The Democrats also have contests on Tuesday, with 166 delegates at stake in Mississippi and Michigan.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are crisscrossing Michigan, but Monday’s Monmouth poll shows Sanders has some ground to make up. Clinton has a 13-percent lead over her challenger among likely Democratic voters in Michigan.

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