Families renew calls to keep searching for MH370

Some are accusing MAS of trying to dodge responsibility

(CNN) – Families of the passengers on missing flight MH370 are marking two years since the plane disappeared on the morning of March 8th, 2014.

Hundreds of people gathered in the Malaysian capital for a memorial Monday. They are urging for the search for the missing plane to continue on. Hopes were renewed last week after debris that may have come from the plane was found on the coast of Mozambique.

Time is also running out for families to take legal action against Malaysia Airlines.

A day of remembrance as the two year anniversary approaches since MH370 went missing, families have flown from around the world to Kuala Lumpur where the plane was last seen as it took off.

“It’s important so that at least people remember that MH370 has not come home yet and we want them to keep on remembering so that at least it helps us remind the government that it’s not over,” said Jacquita Gonzales, wife of a MH370 crew member.

With the two year anniversary comes a two year deadline. Under the international Montreal convention any court action to claim damages must be taken within 2 years from the date the aircraft should have arrived.

“There’s been no evidence, no information, nothing concrete enough to make a sound decision. Anything you do is just a gamble at this stage. You only have these very limited options and you’re put in a very tight corner, with a very tight deadline,” said Grace Nathan, daughter of a MH370 passenger.

With this deadline comes a twist. In February last year parliament passed act 765, stipulating amongst other things, that MH370 families have to ask Malaysia Airlines for permission to file lawsuits against Malaysian Airlines!

“It’s really absurd. I’ve never heard of it before, when someone says you have to get permission to sue them,” said Arunan Selveraj, a lawyer.

Lawyer Arunan Selvaraj is representing some of the MH370 families. He tells CNN there’s another twist, Malaysia Airlines will only give consent, if families agree to certain conditions, if they sue MAS they can’t sue anyone else.

“You can’t sue the government, you can’t sue the DCA, you can’t sue immigration, you can’t sue Boeing, you can’t sue anyone else except MAS,” said Arunan Selveraj.

CNN has asked Malaysia airlines about these conditions and is awaiting a response.

There’s also concern about the renaming and restructuring of Malaysia Airlines under act 765, from Malaysia Airlines Systems Berhad to Malaysia Airlines Berhad, why?

“They’re cherry-picking their assets and liabilities,” said Arunan Selveraj.

The ‘Voice of MH370’ group slammed the move as a “blatant and despicable act of irresponsibility and cowardice by mas, openly aided and abetted by the Malaysia government.”

“They’re emptying everything out from the old company and the new company is saying look that’s the old company you can’t sue us. You can’t sue the new company. So eventually when people sue MAS if they want to there’s nothing left in MAS,” said Arunan Selveraj.

In a statement the airline says “MAS remains committed to ensuring a fair and equitable compensation. MAS has insurance coverage in place to meet its obligation to pay compensation to next of kin.”

While Malaysia Airlines says “166 families have commenced compensation proceedings” many are yet to file, they remain in denial, unable to accept the disappearance or that their loved ones may never return.

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